8th Regional Steering Committee meeting took place on 30 June 2020

The 8th Regional Steering Committee Meeting took place on 30 June 2020, via video conference. All parties attended (WB6 and European Commission) as well as 9 EU Member States.

Mr. Alain Baron, Director (Interim) reported on the current state of play, recalled achievements made during 2019 and until June 2020 and presented the next short-term priorities. TCT officials reported on border crossing/common crossing points monitoring, both within WB6 and for EU/WB6 borders. Moreover, TCT official reported on the situation in the rail sector. Members of the Regional Steering Committee were debriefed on the state of play of its proposals during the COVID crisis and on the developments related to the Galileo Green Lane mobile application, as a technological solution to support the EU Green lane border crossings implementation monitoring. Furthermore, the members of the Regional Steering Committee have had the opportunity to hear the latest updates from the Technical Committees held in the past weeks.

Two important decision were taken. Financial Rules of the TCT as well as the appointment of the new permanent management of the secretariat (Director, Mr. Zakonjsek, and Deputy Director Ms. Siljanoska) were agreed at unanimity. The Director will take office on 1st August 2020, while the Deputy Director on 1st September 2020.

The minutes and agreed conclusions of the meeting can be found in our Library, on the following link.