Director Zakonjsek Keynote Speaker at Transport and Logistics Conference “TIL 2020″

The 7th edition of “Transport and Logistics of Southeast Europe and the Danube Region” conference took place today, 6 October 2020, at the Kombank Dvorana in Belgrade.

The event was an opportunity for the business community and government officials to discuss plans and solutions in the field of transport and logistics. TCT Director Matej Zakonjsek joined the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic in delivering a keynote speech on development of regional multimodal transport infrastructure.

“Connectivity needs to become a shared value, not only a technical concept,” Zakonjsek noted.  “What is needed at the moment is a paradigm shift where transport moves away from its focus on physical means such as planes, trains, roads, and rail to the effect that good transport provides, namely the connectivity. This is important because our citizens, specifically in this part of the world, rightly expect that their governments and business community will provide them with good connectivity.”

Zakonjsek highlighted the role of transport workers, noting that the reason why the world has not stopped during the COVID-19 crisis, is because truck and train drivers, delivery men and women, pilots and sailors kept doing their work and thus became our heroes.