First Workshop on the Importance of Cycling as a Sustainable Mode of Transport in the Western Balkans

A virtual workshop focused on promoting Cycling as a Sustainable Mode of Transport was successfully held on 03 July 2023. The event brought together 27 participants from the Ministry of Transport, municipalities, and non-governmental sectors to discuss the benefits and potential of cycling as a sustainable transportation solution.

The workshop commenced with opening remarks by Matej Zakonjšek, Director of Transport Community Permanent Secretariat and Mr. Piotr Rapacz, Policy Coordinator – Urban Mobility from the Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport. Their insights set the stage for the fruitful discussions that followed.

Keynote presentations were delivered by esteemed speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences on cycling activities and initiatives in EU Member States. Andreas Friedwagner from Verracon, Austria, Ivica Jujnovic from the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatia, and Gregor Steklacic from the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy, Slovenia, provided valuable insights into successful cycling initiatives implemented in their respective countries.

During the second session, the participants discussed the establishment of a regional platform for the promotion of cycling. The focus was on fostering collaboration among stakeholders to enhance cycling infrastructure, policies, and advocacy efforts. An outline of a declaration on cycling was also presented, laying the foundation for future collaborations and commitments.

In the final session of the workshop, participants engaged in lively discussions about the challenges and opportunities related to promoting and improving cycling in the Western Balkans region. Various topics, including strategies for government involvement, non-governmental initiatives, and community engagement, were explored to identify effective approaches for advancing cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

The workshop served as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders committed to promoting cycling as a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation option. The event provided valuable insights and paved the way for further initiatives to enhance cycling infrastructure and advocacy efforts in the region.