Georgia Welcome on Europe Day

Belgrade, 9 May – This year, we celebrated unity of the European continent by welcoming representatives of the observing participant Georgia to our premises. 

The Joint Statement on Cooperation for Development of Transport Sectors endorsed by the Western Balkans Ministers at the 6th Ministerial Council meeting held on 15 November 2022 in Brussels, ensures systematic involvement as observing participants in the relevant Transport Community bodies – the Regional Steering Committee, the technical committees, the Social Forum, and the Budget Committee. Following the joint statement, the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat in coordination with the Commissions services (DG MOVE and DG NEAR) drafted an activity strategy for Observing Participants, which foresees inclusion in TCT strategic documents, and action plans on: Road, Rail, Road Safety, Transport Facilitation, Inland Waterways, and multimodality, as well as Transport of Dangerous Goods Guidelines.

*Financed under grant NDICI-GEO-NEAR/2022/441-320 to the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat related to preparatory activities to support the progressive involvement of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in the activities of the Transport Community.