Meeting with Transport Minister Tomislav Momirović

9 April 2021 – Director of Transport Community Permanent Secretariat Matej Zakonjšek met today with the Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović to discuss joint events marking the European Year of Rail, as well as the regional transport network and Serbia’s transport links with the EU.

“As our regional partners and host country, Serbia actively participates in the work of the Transport Community. Our cooperation will reach new heights this year as we prepare to jointly mark the European Year of Rail by organising a series of events. The major event of the year will be the First Western Balkans Rail Summit, a platform for regional dialogue on policy and rail infrastructure issues, taking place here in Belgrade. Our goal is to put rail on top of everyone’s agenda,“ Zakonjšek said.

″Reconstruction and modernisation of railway traffic in Serbia is one of the infrastructure projects of the highest state priority, with special attention of the entire state leadership headed by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. The project of building a high-speed railway Belgrade-Novi Sad-Budapest is a real example of what kind of railway we want for other railway sections in Serbia, and thus how important it is for us to be better partners with the Transport Community, from service quality to cooperation. I believe that the planned Railway Summit is an excellent test for us to show how much we are working together to advance the transport sector of the entire region,“ Momirović said.

Negotiating and signing of bilateral agreements on one-stop controls between Serbia and its neighbors was highlighted by both interlocutors as one of the concrete steps that will further strengthen regional cooperation and bring benefits to citizens. Director Zakonjšek noted that Transport Community is actively supporting the establishment of one-stop border crossings, as the most advanced example of regional cooperation that will shorten waiting times and make travel easier.

The Green Lanes initiative, during the pandemic, ensured that essential goods reached everyone in need was one of the major successes of the previous year full of challenges. Zakonjšek and Momirović agreed that one of the main goals for 2021 is expanding the established Green Lanes from Western Balkans to the neighboring EU Member States noting that Serbia’s support will be instrumental to achieve this goal.