Minister Drulă Meets with Transport Community Director Zakonjsek

11 March 2021 – Romanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cătălin Drulă met today with the Director of the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat Matej Zakonjsek to discuss the potential for intensified cooperation.

“Romania actively participates in the work of the Transport Community. One of the recent successes of our cooperation has been the Green Lanes initiative. Established at the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic, Green Lanes in the EU, on one side, and in the Western Balkans, on the other, ensured that essential goods such as medical equipment and food reached all those in need.  By coordinating actions of regional administrations and their border authorities, Green Lanes prevented shortage of essential items. The region demonstrated that when it works together, with the common goal and determination, it works very well together. In that respect, one of our main goals for 2021 is expanding the established Green Lanes from Western Balkans to the neighbouring EU Member States. Romania’s support will be instrumental to achieve this goal,” Director Zakonjsek said.

Zakonjsek also noted Romania’s efforts in developing the TEN-T Core Network road and rail links between Romania and Western Balkans. Enhanced strategic coordination and technical cooperation on a bilateral level will further strengthen the good relations with all regional particiaptns in the Western Balkans.

There was discussion regarding transport facilitation and a possibllities of integrated border crossing points across the region, as described in the Transport Community’s Action Plan of Transport Facilitation.