Transport Community Contributes to Leaders’ Summit on New Growth Plan

TIRANA – Director of the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community, Mr Matej Zakonjšek, took part in the “Higher Growth and faster Convergence for the Western Balkans” Summit, hosted by Albania in Tirana on 29 February.

Reflecting on the Growth Plan, Mr Zakonjšek, together with the representatives of other regional organisations and international financial institutions, said that more growth means more trade, and more trade means more transport. “In this process, digitalising transport and modernising border crossings will be the key for success,” he noted.

He also outlined that three immediate actions can make a huge contribution to the plan’s success. Firstly, by implementing e-fright actions and digitalising all documents needed for freight transport, region would be able to save up to EUR 163.5 million in the 5-year period.

Secondly, by applying Intelligent Transport Systems for all modes of transport across the region, the Western Balkans would improve efficiency, safety, and overall effectiveness of transport.

Finally, with radical modernisation of the border crossings between the Western Balkans and the EU member states, region could leap towards economic convergence with the EU. This can be done by extending the Green Lanes to remaining EU member states, and by modernising the ten busiest Border Control Points (BCPs).