Transport Community Hosts European Union Agency for Railways’s Seminar on Rail Freight

Transport Community Director, Mr Matej Zakonjšek, giving his opening remarks at the seminar

BELGRADE – The European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) is organising the IPA Rail Freight Seminar in Belgrade, Serbia on 12-13 September, targeting railway experts from South East Europe. As a strategic partner, the Transport Community is hosting the seminar at its premises in Belgrade. The seminar addresses two critical topics – transport of dangerous goods and risk management as well as multimodality in rail.

“Railways serve as the backbone of transportation in Europe, facilitating connectivity, trade, and sustainability. Ensuring the safety of our railways is paramount, and it requires a collaborative effort from stakeholders across the industry. We will engage in insightful discussions on best practices, lessons learned, and the future of railway safety in Europe,” Transport Community Director, Mr Matej Zakonjšek, pointed out in his opening remarks.

The first day of the seminar kicked off with discussions on reporting methods within the railway sector, led by experts from ERA. Attendees engaged in practical exercises applying these methods to examples related to the transport of dangerous goods and freight. The day will conclude with insights into risk management as a part of the Safety Management System.

Multimodality is in the focus of the second working day. Together with the participants, experts from ERA will discuss multimodality, exploring the various modes of transport, including rail freight, road freight, and inland waterways. The day will wrap up with discussions on single wagon load and multimodal terminals, along with a presentation of the final assessment report on the railway market.

After the gathering hosted at the Transport Community’s premises, the seminar will be followed by an exciting event on 14 September, featuring a Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) Demonstration for South East Europe. This event, organised by the Transport Community in collaboration with DAC4EU project, promises to showcase cutting-edge rail technology.

The IPA Rail Freight Seminar and the DAC Demonstration signify the European Union’s ongoing commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in the railway sector, moving Europe towards a sustainable and borderless railway system.