Transport Community supports the Connecting Europe Express project

Transport Community welcomes the Connecting Europe Express campaign and is pleased to be part of the initiative organised by the European Commission on the occasion of the European Year of Rail.

In this regard, Matej Zakonjšek, Transport Community Permanent Secretariat Director, highlighted: “As a symbol of unity and to highlight the importance of rail, the Connecting Europe Express will stop in Belgrade and Skopje and I am pleased that Transport Community will be there to provide technical insight and solutions, to make this project a success that will bring concrete benefits to the citizens and business in the Western Balkans.”

“As one of the most environmentally friendly transport means, in the EU rail is responsible for less than 0.5% of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. This makes it one of the most sustainable forms of passenger and freight transport and it is the reason why we want to make rail travel possible and attractive again in the Western Balkans. Among other benefits, rail is also exceptionally safe. Despite these advantages, only a small portion of passengers and goods travel by rail in the Western Balkans. 2021, the European Year of Rail, will create momentum to influence positive change with focus on investments in rail transport. To highlight importance of rail, the Transport Community, together with EBRD and EIB, will organise the first Western Balkans Rail Summit in September to coincide with the arrival of the Connecting Europe Express train. The event will bring together the entire region, international organisations, transport industry and universities. The aim of the Summit is to put rail firmly on everyone’s agenda and to ensure that it continues to contribute to safer, efficient, interoperable, digitalised, sustainable and green transport systems which improve peoples’ lives,” Zakonjšek said.

Hop on the Connecting Europe Express!
Citizens and organisations interested in organising an event or activity along the route are invited to share their ideas via email:

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Further information on the timetable is available here.