Road Safety Statistics – Fatalities for 2022

The figures for the 2022 year show an increase in the number of fatalities in comparison with the 2021 year which brings road safety issues to a big concern in the region.

Road Safety data for 2022

Fatalities for 2021 – Annual Statistics for Western Balkans

The figures for 2021 year show an increase of the number of fatalities in comparison with 2020 year. The increase was expected to happen since the year 2020 was the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation.

Road Safety: Western Balkans’ Road Fatalities for 2021

Fatalities for 2020: Annual Statistics for Western Balkans

15 April 2021 – Transport Community Permanent Secretariat has prepared an overview of annual statistics of fatalities in 2020 for the Western Balkans region.

Annual Statistics For Western Balkans

Regional Partners’ Profiles – 2019 data

15 June 2021 – It is the first data report to cover all Six Western Balkan Regional Partners (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) with comprehensive road safety profiles.

Wester Balkans Road Safety Observatory 2019